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February 2018 Truk Lagoon Trip information

Mon Oct 03, 2016 7:04 pm

The details concerning the Truk Lagoon trip are materializing. The likely dates for the live-aboard portion of the trip are from February 18-25, 2018. Depending upon flights, we are planning on spending 3-4 additional days at a land based resort. Those days will either be before or after the live-aboard schedule. That all comes down to the flight details, as there aren't many flights per week into Truk.

At this point, we have a number of divers that have indicated that they are interested. I will need to have some level of commitment by the end of this month, as a non-refundable deposit of approximately $500 will be needed to hold our reservations on the boat. I don't want to release all of the details publicly, but will do so for those who contact me through my regular email at

So.... Here's the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly....

Good: Perhaps the finest wreck diving location on the face of the Earth. I've yet to speak to a diver who did't rave about the trip.

Bad: The price tag is not for the faint of heart. It will likely be $7K for everything. A lot of cash, but I don't want to be lying on my deathbed looking at my savings account balance...

Ugly: The travel is rough.... For most of us, it begins with a flight to LA. From there, the next stop is Hawaii. Guam is the next spot to stretch your legs. Approximately 1,000 miles from Guam, you finally touch down in Truk. It literally takes four days of travel, so you can understand why we want at least 10 days in the lagoon.

The boat holds 16 divers. It would be awesome to have a boat full of VDH members. If you have ever dreamed of diving Truk, then this is your opportunity.

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Re: February 2018 Truk Lagoon Trip information

Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:04 pm

I am in.......

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