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Scubapro -109 2nd Stage convert to balanced? vs. G250v

Fri Nov 22, 2013 5:47 pm

I have a Scubapro regulator that is part of the parts-for-life program. The 1st stage is a Mk25 that was an upgrade from the 1973 Mk7. The 2nd stage is the original -109 that is unbalanced and was recently serviced at the factory.

My deep cold-water diving, instructor is urging me to get a balanced second stage like the G250v. I was wondering if I could have Scubapro or an authorized dealer convert the -109 to balanced with the appropriate poppet. The parts seem difficult to obtain.

If I were able to have the -109 converted to a balanced, would this provide performance similar to the G250v? Thanks, Ken.

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Re: Scubapro -109 2nd Stage convert to balanced? vs. G250v

Fri Nov 22, 2013 7:24 pm

The G250V has a slightly better venturi assisted flow, but only slightly. I have heard some divers say that it's venturi assistance is actually a bit too much.

The G250V is also a very good cold water regulator due to the metal barrel.

The 109 (or the balanced adjustable) is totally metal which makes it a superior cold water regulator. You just can't freeze a 109/BA. You can try (I have seen it), but I have been able to stop a free flow on ice water by just blocking the mouthpiece. IMO, only a double hose would be more cold water capable.

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