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Sat Oct 05, 2019 10:52 am

I have 5 J-valves for sale. They have not been re-built, but I am sure they are serviceable. I do not have prices on them, email me at [email protected] and we go from there.

I have been listing good vintage dive gear here over the past few weeks. Thus far there has NOT been any offers or interest.
1) Asking prices too high?
2) Little interest in vintage diving anymore?
3) Everybody has all they need or want?

Just curious.

I don't like selling on the E site, VDH has always been "home".
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Re: Valves

Sat Oct 05, 2019 1:32 pm

Hi Alan, speaking only for myself I currently have too many vintage dive gear projects in the works and no time to get to any of them at the moment, and they all take $$$; otherwise I'd jump at the valves. M
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Re: Valves

Mon Oct 07, 2019 10:21 am

Hi Allan,
- Probably most of us who are active in Vintage equipment and diving will already have a bunch of valves... I have two boxes of them myself. The one I am always on the lookout for is the 1/2" NPT USD J-Valve. It seems like I can't find one when I need it and I don't need it when I can find one!
- The 3/4 thread USD J-Valves should be valuable and in-demand... I would think. Doesn't USD still make them for military and commercial divers? When I saw XS Scuba offering their new models of reserve valves for $300-$600... I was expecting commercial divers to buy up all of the bargain priced NOS vintage reserve valves... Cripes I got 2 or three of those in brand new, apparently unused condition for as little as $35 each. Those are sitting unused in my box of valves... I couldn't pass them up.
- I have learned how to service my J-Valves and I use them when I dive. But I get the impression most people (including vintage divers) look down their noses at reserve valves. Maybe a positive leaning discussion on VDH would get more people into the simplicity of diving J-Valves?
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Re: Valves

Mon Oct 07, 2019 12:07 pm

A curious trend has been evolving on eBay in the last year or so. People are listing estate finds or crusty old stuff from the basement at ridiculous BIN prices or initial listing bids. It is becoming very difficult to find a core to rebuild at a price that will not cost more than the piece is worth. Also, few people seem to be interested in paying a fair price for serviced, dive-able equipment.

I no longer buy regulators to resell because I just can't get my investment back much less make a few bucks for my labor. I have several double hose regulators listed that have been languishing for months, and the only interest I see is the occasional $50 lowball offer from some idiot.

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