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Re: I do dive vintage/modern. Photo proof.

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:26 pm
by Vancetp
I hear you on this one, Mark!

I used to find and pick up stuff along the road while biking. I found several cell phones, wallets, etc., over the years and got in touch with their owners, sometimes after quite a bit of detective work. I USED to figure people would appreciate it and be anxious to get their stuff back, as I would be.

After a couple of really nasty encounters with people demanding I drive to them and deliver the item into their hands (and nothing better be missing/broken!!!) I now just leave it somewhere along the road for them to pick up. And only if it's easy to contact them. "Hey, I found your wallet. It's in the bush next to the gate at XXXX. No, I can't bring it to you. Bye!"

Sometimes people suck.