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Twin 45's back from Hydro and valves/manifold rebuilt.

Sun Feb 14, 2021 7:58 pm

I just finished overhauling my Sherwood valves/manifold and got my twin 45's back from hydro. Added a VDH backplate and now I am learning how to sew webbing with an awl. :)

Although this rig is by no means vintage, it is mid-70's ish and is my daily diver. In an attempt to please the vintage scuba gods I replaced the plastic knobs with metal Sportsways and US Divers knobs. Since the parts come from US Divers, Sportsways and Sherwood my wife says I should call it a "us-divers-sport-wood." I'm not entirely clear what she meant by that. :)

"The diver who collects specimens of underwater life has fun and becomes a keen underwater observer. .. seek slow-moving or attached organisms such as corals, starfish, or shelled creatures." (Golden Guide to Scuba Diving, 1968) :D

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Re: Twin 45's back from Hydro and valves/manifold rebuilt.

Mon Feb 15, 2021 2:14 pm


"US Divers Sport Wood!" I like it! :-D
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