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Jerry's Green Tank Update...

Mon Oct 28, 2019 10:22 am

Jerry's Green Tank Update...
- Couple of years ago SeaHunt Jerry gave me a surplus military oxygen tank that I converted into a Scuba tank. I believe it is the same 48 cu ft tank that is shown and described in various places in the Basic Scuba book... The tank capacities chart and the Scott Lung description. I wanted to leave it in original condition with the green paint, stencil markings, and wire "shatter Proof" wrap. Just to retain authenticity.
- With regard to the Wire Wrap on this Shatter Proof surplus tank, I was wrong and everyone else was right! I have removed the wire wrap from this tank and discovered the beginnings of crevice corrosion forming under the bottom end of the wire wrap... Nothing bad but enough to prove the wrap should be removed.
- It's a steel wire. And after it was wrapped, I think it must have been squeezed or pressed into place. Unwinding it came off as square rather than round wire.
- The photo above is after...
1. The wire was removed.
2. The tank was re-qualified by Hydro-Testing and Visual Inspection.
3. The outside surface was bead blasted to remove surface rust.
4. The outside was cleaned by wiping down with Acetone.
5. The outside was roller painted, two coats, with Galvalite 96% Zinc Paint.

I'm going to let the paint cure for a couple weeks before installing a bushing and a really nice USD J-Valve. After that, I think I'll fit it with the Aqua Lung Bac Pac and stick an AquaLung decal on it.
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Re: Jerry's Green Tank Update...

Mon Oct 28, 2019 2:19 pm

Eben- PM sent

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