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DIN on Phoenix and Argonaut

Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 11:57 am
by Bryan
I get asked this question weekly and even though is has been covered in dozens of places I thought I would make a sticky post here for easy reference. Post is locked till Luis has time to reply with his thoughts and comments. Then we will open it up for everyone.

When the Phoenix first went up for sale we advised that it COULD be used with the Conshelf XIV DIN adaptor which was available from Aqua-Lung as a special order part. The part is expensive and not something I wanted to burn up my inventory budget on. I never liked the look of the Phoenix with a DIN on it. In my opinion it sticks out too far and creates too much leverage if someone yanks the regulator up by the cans.

When we were putting ideas together for the Argonaut we tried the Conshelf DIN and by this time had learned that SOME Titan DIN adaptors could be used with the addition of a special O-ring.
We went back and forth over this and Luis spent a lot of time diving with a DIN on the Argonaut in all the various configurations he had. In the end we decided the DIN WAS NOT something we wanted to promote for the Argonaut. (Luis will elaborate)

One of the key points when developing the Argonaut was to build it so it was self sufficient. That is to say all parts were made for it by my vendors and were not reliant on other manufactures as we were with the Phoenix.
The tooling and raw materials cost for the yoke and screw alone are in the neighborhood of 10K. Even more if you consider we revised it at least once before anyone ever saw it. Developing or copying a DIN was out of the question financially for the small segment of the market it would serve.

With all that being said, Luis and I have started discussing alternatives or what we could come up with to offer a solution to those divers wanting a DIN Argonaut. It is beyond my reach financially right now to build one specifically for it but I am exploring other avenues and I will keep everyone advised of the progress here and on the VDH Facebook page.

Re: DIN on Phoenix and Argonaut

Posted: Fri Oct 31, 2014 3:23 pm
by Bryan
Here are a couple of photos of an Argonaut with standard yoke and with the Titan DIN so you can see the difference. Both photos are on my rig with standard VDH plate.

Re: DIN on Phoenix and Argonaut

Posted: Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:18 am
by Bryan
Titan DIN adaptors and DIN Argonauts will be available during the holiday sale. Luis will elaborate on using the Titan DIN and the specifics with it when he returns from Cozumel..(Lucky Devil :D )