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Re: Argonaut DSV

Sat Oct 06, 2018 1:08 pm

lexvil wrote:
Sat Oct 06, 2018 8:20 am
It’s not the hose, it happens regardless of the hoses used. I tried changing the valve and I can say it seemed to help for a while but since the issue is intermittent and it reoccurred I can’t say that’s it. I had assumed it to be perhaps something unique to cold water because Bryan could never find the issue in his testing, it never gets past the valves in the DSV and breaths are always dry. It may have something to do with posisition, maybe I’ll take it out soon and try some different positions while listening for the glug, this is disconcerting to the level that I didn’t take the Kraken to Truk.
I haven't had an issue with cold water in Maine, even ice diving.

As I replied to you in ScubaBoard, the issue could be a somewhat loose valve, not held tightly by the arrow head in the valve stem. This could happen if the tolerances are off. This could possibly give you an intermittent leak.

A loose valve can be resolved easily by putting a little drop of silicone seal under the arrow head in the stem of the valve and make sure to pull the valve stem to fully seat the valve.

I am not going to repeat what I posted in ScubaBoard, so here is a link to that thread: ... ue.568639/

That is a real bummer that you didn't take your Kraken to Truk. Five of us went to Truk last February. We were all diving Krakens. I did 36 dives in Truk (and 2 in Guam) with my primary Argonaut and it was great. The dive master and the Captain of the Odyssey borrowed my spare Kraken.
Heck, I passed a kidney stone while I was in Truk and that didn't stopped me from diving.

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Re: Argonaut DSV

Sat Oct 06, 2018 1:29 pm

Replace the O-rings in your DSV. Worked wonders for me. My DSV was new and leaked like a sieve on the first dive. Bryan suggested changing the O-rings and it's dry as a bone now.

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Re: Argonaut DSV

Sat Oct 06, 2018 2:24 pm

I just installed a G250 exhaust valve, it feels a touch less stiff and holds a very slight vacuum better than the one that was in it. All I need now is some decent conditions to give it a try.

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Re: Argonaut DSV

Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:58 pm

While a loose fit between the exhaust stem and moulded in hole in the DBE/Kraken body may well lead to some degree of wet breathing (same as ill-fitting o-rings in the DSV or loose hose clamps) the issue I experienced is a FULL flood of the exhaust loop on a regular but intermittent basis like lexvil and tbone1004.

Takes about 5-10 seconds and you can clearly hear large volumes of water glugging in and WOB becomes extremely difficult... certainly disconcerting, a feeling of choking UW :shock:

It's not dependent on water temperature... all my floods occurred in tropical PNG waters with an average temperature of 29C!

I had to stop diving the Kraken by Day 3 of my LOB trip... the niggling hose loop flooding issue compounded by a failure of the HP seat!
Luckily I had also brought my old bullet proof Conshelf XIV and Sea Hornet Command Air backup reg set. So my near-new AU$900 Kraken DH sat in my bag for the rest of the 9 day trip while my $75 garage sale special soldiered on reliably :(

I think the root cause is indeed case geometry, hose volume and exhaust valve stiffness... with paused breathing at a certain body position the exhaust valve lifts up and the hose floods rapidly.
I would happily sacrifice some exhaust WOB for more reliability!
Adding tapered triangular stiffening ribs to the upper surface of the can exhaust valve would allow cracking efforts to be tuned to better match the Kraken's characteristics.

We are just coming out of Winter here so sea temps are still around 14C and not much fun to be in for extended experimentation... be interested in lexvil's trials with the G250 exhaust valve.

Yet another issue is the new 90 Duro o-rings locking the DSV after a few days sitting... works fine on the bench after reassembly.
But despite being new, and freshly lubricated they bond themselves to the inside of the outer housing after a few days sitting in my dive bag and the whole DSV assembly is locked up in whatever position you last left it in. Tried Dow 111 and Teflon loaded silicon lubes, no difference.
I am going to trial some Teflon o-rings and see if that improves things... -028 for the inner barrel and mouthpiece port, -027 for the wagon wheels.
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