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Is the site down

Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:09 pm

I have not seen any new posts for a week....about anything....that is odd
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Re: Is the site down

Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:12 pm

Most of the regulars have been in Coz for a week.... at least the ones who answer questions. It is also November so diving in the Northern climbs have slowed down some. Things will come back to what passes for normal in short order. :wink:

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Re: Is the site down

Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:38 pm

Keep in mind that if the site goes down ever from an IT standpoint that both Bryan and I get alerts to our phones within 30 seconds.

Bryan and I have fixed VDH from Mexico, Canada, and many US States.

All so we can all argue about diving lol!

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